Hello beautiful people !

I want to tell you a little bit about myself . My name is Yasmine and I am just a simple 20 years old girl from Morocco . I am from a city called Agadir , if you don’t know where it is ….. Google it and put it on your bucket list as a vacation destination !

I am a college student , I was pretty unsure about what major I should choose or what career path I should follow . There are so many things that I’m interested in studying and passionate about . I’ve always been interested in psychology , architecture , art , writing , fashion and photography . But I had to decide which of these I was more interested in than the others , so I could pursue it as a career . I was pretty stressed out about it all , I mean it is deciding what I wanted to do for the rest of my life . That’s when it hit me , when I realized that it’s actually not true , I can still do other things that I love on the side . And so in the end , I chose to study architecture in college , but that didn’t mean I had to give up my other passions , I am still going to be interested in psychology , art , writing , fashion and photography !

This is what this blog is for , to write and share with you , my dear readers , what I am passionate about . This blog is going to be my online diary . I’ll be sharing here my experiences , likes , dislikes , interests , passions …. Etc

I have named my blog’s address “Learning Enthusiast” because I love learning new things and experiencing new stuff . Two of the wishes on my bucket list include traveling the world and tasting every country’s food !

Some things I’m really excited to write about and share with you on this blog are my love for photography , books , art , travel , food , fashion and life . Some of my hobbies include chilling , shopping , reading , watching tv series , eating , sleeping , taking pictures , painting , listening to music , dancing and singing haha !

I may sound like a total extrovert but I am an introvert . And I had social anxiety throughout my high school years . It started my freshman year of high school and it was very difficult . I don’t think I still have social anxiety , I think I overcame it . The last two years since graduating high school have been so eye-opening for me , and I changed so much from how I was back then . I think moving to another country for college really helped me . Because I had to do everything myself , take care of things on my own , I didn’t have a choice and had to deal with social situations . It was what I needed . I can talk to people now , go to parties , socialize . I can’t say that I don’t feel nervous at all in social situations , I do feel nervous and it’s okay , so what I try to do is focus on the other person , on the person in front of me . I forget I was even nervous to begin with .

With my social anxiety , I also had such a low self esteem , self doubt ; I did not think I was beautiful back then and I wasn’t confident at all . I feel so much more confident now and I’ve come to accept myself and my body for what it is and I think it’s beautiful , I am beautiful !

Through this blog , you , my dear readers , will be able to follow me through my journey of life . So climb aboard my ship ,  and let’s go moussaillons !


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