Life Update : Moving to another country ?

Hello beautiful people ! 

It has been a while since I last posted ! These past few months have been like a roller coaster ride for me . So much stuff happened . If you read my last life update post , you would know that I quit college to take some time for myself because my anxiety kept getting worse . 

I followed the treatment prescribed by my neurologist while I stayed at home . I also had therapy sessions with my psychologist . After some time , my anxiety got a lot better and I guess it’s because I wasn’t stressed out anymore . I didn’t have anything to stress about . I was pratically doing nothing . I was just staying at home , watching movies , reading books , eating and sleeping . At first , it was relaxing and helping my anxiety but then I started becoming frustrated . I wanted to do something with my life and I didn’t know what to do . I wanted to study , I wanted to go to college  , I wanted to get an education , get a degree …

I told my psychologist how I felt and he made this suggestion , he recommended me to go study in Ukraine . His daughter studies there and so he told me about the advantages of studying in Ukraine . I never really considered studying abroad . It took me a lot of time to warm up to the idea and then I finally told my mother that I wanted to do it . My parents were very supportive . And so I started making the preparations .

I have never traveled alone before , it was a first for me . I arrived to Kharkov . Everything felt strange . The language was a problem , because not all ukrainians speak english and so I struggled .  I went directly  to the university dorm . There I met my two roommates , and I felt so relieved because they’re also moroccans . It felt so good to talk to someone in arabic and know that they understand you ahah ! 

For the first year in Ukraine , you study the language and other basic subjects in a preparatory university . At first , I found learning russian to be very difficult because the alphabet is completely different from the english one . But after some time , I kind of got used to it and it wasn’t as difficult . 

Overall , I believe going to Ukraine was a good choice . I know it may seem like I was too rash taking that decision or that I didn’t think hard enough but really I did . It took me nearly two months to come to that decision and I don’t regret it . My anxiety got better and I did not have an anxiety attack ever since I moved here . I met a lot of new people and I made a lot of friends . I became more open to people and my social anxiety also got better . I also feel like I got more mature . Going abroad definitely helped me a lot . This new experience helped me grow as a person a little more . I like how my life is now , I like living and studying in Ukraine and I’m looking forward to my everyday life here !  Plus Ukraine is a very beautiful country ! Everything happened so fast but I’m still glad it did . 

That was it , I hope you enjoyed reading this post . I’ll try to post more . See you on the next one ! 


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