Life Update : College 📚

Hello beautiful people ! 

I know I’ve been quite inactive , I didn’t post anything for two or three months maybe . I can’t say that I have an excuse as to why I was inactive , I couldn’t write or post , I just couldn’t , my mind was a mess , my life was a mess and well it still is . I was trying to ” get my life together ” .  If you read my About page , you would know that I just graduated high school and that I was pretty confused . I was lost , I didn’t know which major to choose . I was pretty stressed out about it . My family and friends giving me advice only made it worse . When meeting people the first thing they would ask was what’s your major ? I didn’t know how to answer . Time was flying by and I was still unsure . I didn’t know what to do . I felt stuck . You see that is  what I hate about the educational system , they expect you to have your life figured out at 18 .  

Anyways I ended up joining an engineering college , not because I really wanted to be an engineer but  because I didn’t really have another college to go to  ( I did not apply to many colleges ) . It was great at first . I liked it . I liked the classes . I met new people , made friends . But then on the third week , I started having trouble sleeping , I would wake up every hour and I couldn’t sleep . Although I liked the classes , there were a lot of assignements , projects … I had to do . That stressed me out . I actually suffer from anxiety and  I’m the type of person who gets really stressed out and it really affects me . I would get back home from college with severe headaches  . One day , I was in english , and as soon as I sat down , I started feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing . My body was trembling all over . I couldn’t move my hands and legs . I couldn’t control my body . I was taken to the infirmary . The next day , I went to a doctor , a neurologist . At first , he thought I had epilepsy but it turned out I didn’t ,  it was stress and anxiety . He prescribed me some medicine , I started taking it . However it only got worse .  I kept having anxiety attacks , I couldn’t sleep at night ,  I didn’t have much of an appetite so I lost a lot of weight . I couldn’t keep up with school .

My parents kept insisting that i should take some time off from college . I didn’t want to at first . It took them a while to convince me . I strongly believed that I could keep up . It has been over 4 weeks now . I’ve been at home , resting . I went to a different doctor . I’m taking some other medicine , and this time it really helps . I realized that it’s perfectly normal and fine to take a break , I shouldn’t force myself to do something just because others are doing it . I forgot this but health always comes first . I’ll rest and try to recover . It really took me a while to write this post , I didn’t feel ready and comfortable to talk about it before but now I am . 

Well I guess this is the end of my life update post , thank you for reading ! 


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