Homemade Flaxseed Butter 

Hello there , 

So yesterday  I was craving a peanut butter toast but I realized that I didn’t have any peanut butter left . Then I found a packet of 250 g  of flaxseed , and I thought why not try to make flaxseed butter . This is my first time making it and honestly it turned out pretty great ! 

250 g of flaxseed 

Virgin argan oil 

Honey or other sweetener 

A pinch of salt 

Optional Add-Ins : 1-2 tsp cocoa powder , 1/2 tsp cinnamon or other spice 

Food processor or blender 

1- Process for one minute : Run the food processor or blender continuously for one minute . Stop and scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl . At this point , the flaxseed will be a powder . 

2- Add the salt , oil , sweetener and any other extras : Sprinkle the salt , add 3 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of virgin argan oil . 

3- Process for another minute : Continue processing the mixture until it becomes completely smooth . It should be spreadable at this point . Taste and add more salt or other add-ins to taste . 

4- Transfer the flaxseed butter to storage container : The flaxseed butter can be used immediately and will keep for several weeks in the fridge . 

It doesn’t look good , in fact it looks like poop 💩 haha but it is delicious  and so nutritious ! Flax seeds are the richest sources of a plant-based omega 3 fatty acids ! It is also known that for healthy skin , hair and nails , you should add 2 tbsp of flax seeds  to your smoothies . A flaxseed butter toast is a healthy , nutritious and delicious snack ! 


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