Behind The Scenes Blogging Tag

Hello beautiful people ,

I saw this tag on Emily Rose ‘s blog and thought  why not try it . I have never done a tag post on my blog before so I’m excited to do this  !

Where do you blog ?

In my bedroom , I have a basic black office desk . And whenever I want to write a post , I prepare some delicious tea . And if I finish writing a post , I prepare for myself a little snack , kind of like a little reward haha !

Where do you find inspirations for your posts ?

My post ideas mainly come from my thoughts and sometimes if I struggle to find a post idea , I read blogs , search online , watch videos on youtube . I get inspired by everyday life .

How long does it take you to write a blog post ?

A lot of time . Most of the day . I sit at my desk for hours , and then take a small break and go back to writing . I write a lot of drafts , research information , take pictures , edit them and re read the post twice before publishing it . And sometimes I end up deleting the post because I feel unsatisfied with it and I would start all over again .

Do you plan your posts ?

I am not the most organised blogger out there . I have a lot of ideas for blog posts that I wrote down but I can’t find the time to write them and publish them . I try to plan my posts but I end up writing posts that take me the least amount of time . I’ll try to work on that and be more organised .

What editing programs do you use ?

I use my phone to take most of my pictures , so I use VSCO cam and Picsart to edit them .

Do you use a notebook to track your  ideas ?

No I don’t . Instead I just use the notes on my phone . I write one everytime I get an idea .

Do you take your pictures ?

Yes I do , unless stated otherwise .

Who knows about your blog ?

For now , no one knows about my blog . Not that I am scared for people who know me to see it , but just because no one asked me about what I enjoy doing now . And I didn’t get the opportunity to mention it . I also don’t have that many friends .

Are you an organised or a messy blogger ?

I am an extremely messy blogger . I can’t find the time to blog . But I’m trying to be organised and find time to post .

Biggest blogging pet peeve ?

I guess I don’t have any . Nothing comes to mind .


I’m sorry I have been quite absent lately , I’ll try to post more soon . I had fun answering these questions , I hope you enjoy reading them . Anyone can do this tag . And thank you Emily Rose for doing this tag !



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