The Lierac Diopticerne Review 

Hello beautiful people , 

I’m not really sure how to write a review . This is the first product review I post on my blog , and it is a negative one !

I bought this pack in a parapharmacy for       145,50 Dhs (approximately 15 USD) . It says “buy one , get one free” . So I bought the Diopticerne eye contour  dark circle correcting cream untinted and I got the tinted one for free . 

This is the untinted one :

And this is the tinted one : 

As you can see , the tubes are quite small . 

I have dark undereyes and the untinted correcting cream was supposed to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and shadows . Based on reviews I read online , I had high hopes for this cream . 

Few minutes after applying the intinted one , I would feel a sensation of burning and tingling in my eye contour . It would last three minutes and then fade . I thought that the sensation of it burning meant that it was working its magic . But then on the 11th day , after applying it , the sensation of the burning and tingling didn’t fade after three minutes . I kept feeling it even after an hour after applying the cream .  I couldn’t bear it so I  washed the product away . The contour of my eyes was left a bit red , but the redness faded by the next day . I stopped using it after that . And as for my dark circles , I didn’t notice any difference . I used the tinted cream once , and the colour didn’t quite match my skin . And because I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis , there was a very noticeable difference in color . 

I honestly don’t know what caused the burning and tingling sensation , is the contour of my eyes sensitive or is it something else ? Anyways , this product is a big flop for me . And actually it was the first eye cream I ever used ! 

I am still in the search for a miracle solution for my dark cirles . If you have any recommendations , please tell me about it in the comments . And thank you for reading up to here ! 


2 thoughts on “The Lierac Diopticerne Review 

  1. thebacktobasic says:

    Hi Yasmine! I use almond oil or castor oil in the undereye area. While I don’t think they make a huge difference I like that they are a natural and they are suitable for sensitive skin. I hope you find something that works for you! 😊

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