My Summer (Ramadan) Morning Routine 

Hello there , 

This post is a collaboration with Mayyyblogs , go check out her blog ! 

It is still Ramadan , so my sleeping schedule is quite messed up haha ! I can’t even call it a Morning routine because I wake up around 12 am . Well I wake up , then I turn my phone on , check the time and all of my social media . I spend a good  thirty minutes just scrolling through Instagram . After that , I get up and go straight to the bathroom . I take a shower and wash my face with this cleanser . I perform wudhu and then go pray . After ,  I just watch some tv series ( I am currently watching Criminal Minds ) or movies  . I also doodle a bit ( I always have a notebook with me ) . I check my blog , emails and search for next post ideas . When there’s about an hour left for Iftar , I go to the kitchen to help my mother with the food preparation . This post isn’t  a morning routine anymore haha , it is more like a day in my life in Ramadan ! 

I have never written this kind of post , this was my first collaboration with a blogger and I had fun  writing it . I hope you enjoyed it although it is very short .


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