My Struggle 

Hello there , 
Yes this post is going to be about social anxiety . I suffer from social anxiety and it is difficult to tell other people about it because they don’t take it seriously . Even my family doesn’t take it seriously .Some people don’t even consider social anxiety a mental disorder . I’ve had people tell me that I should stop blaming it on social anxiety and just talk normally to people , it’s easy , they said ! If I could talk to people normally and easily like you say , I would ! I don’t like being like this too but I can’t help it . It just happens . My hands start trembling , my knees start shaking , my mouth gets dry , I can’t even get words out , I get shortness of breath , upset stomach , twitching , muscle tension ….. And there are some people who still think I can control it . 

I am 18 now , and I’ve had social anxiety for the past three years . Even as a young child I was very timid , it was difficult to make friends . I never talked unless spoken to . I was always the kid in the background . The only friend I had in middle school went to a different high school , and so I was the loner at school . Everyone had their groups and clicks , but I didn’t . I was alone . And then there was this girl in 11th grade who started talking to me . She became my friend since then . 
I hated going to school , and aside from going to school I didn’t go outside . Actually even now I don’t go outside that much , unless it is necessary . I don’t know how to be open to others , how to keep up a conversation . I was frightened of public speaking . I used the past tense because I don’t want to feel frightened of it anymore , I am trying to make myself believe that I can do it .I am trying so hard to overcome my social anxiety . Having positive thoughts and making myself believe that I can do it , will help me greatly . I am tired of being limited by social anxiety , I want to overcome it . I want to be able to feel comfortable in social situations . I want to try so many things in life . I don’t want to feel limited . That is why I’m trying so hard to overcome social anxiety . And I believe I will .

Do you suffer from any mental disorder ? How do you cope with it ? If you want to talk about it , feel free to leave a comment , or email me at :


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